Getting the image

The image is hosted at the Docker hub here and can be downloaded like so:

docker pull lsilvest/ztsdb

Using the image

Running a container

Run a container with bash:

docker run -it lsilvest/ztsdb bash

Starting ztsdb

In this shell, start an instance of ztsdb:


You can use the quit command to terminate the ztsdb instance at any time:


To test multiple instances of ztsdb, start one or more backgroud ztsdb instances before running a client instance in the foreground; be sure to specify a listen port for the background instances so they can be queried:

nohup ztsdb -p 19300 &

To access this instance from outside the container, publish the port when running the container:

docker run -it -p 19300:19300 lsilvest/ztsdb bash

Further reading

For more details about starting a ztsdb instance, see the Running ztsdb section.

For more details on using ztsdb, see the Reference section.